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Software and Technical

Core Competency

  • Expertise in Unix and all its flavors including AIX and Linux
  • Porting applications to the Unix environment
  • Deliver customized software solutions on Unix, Windows and PalmOS operating platforms
  • Developing and maintaining software from low level device driver interface to higher level user interface
  • Internet security solutions

    On-Site Consulting

    EML Inc. specializes in providing high caliber, on-site consultants at very competitive prices. We are a company owned by technical professionals who understand and offer the business of IT solutions. We employ high quality software engineers and deploy them for on-site projects as needed by our customers. We recruit talent periodically and as the market demands.

    In-House Projects

    EML Inc. is also involved in developing in-house projects. We have secure office facilities and are well equipped to handle any of your outsourcing requests. We deliver in-house projects based on a time and material agreement or fixed price contract.

    International Opportunities

    EML Inc. has branch offices in Mexico and India. With its offshore development sites EML Inc is able to provide cost effective solutions thanks to the cheaper labor cost abroad. Hence EML Inc prefers sending projects to those countries for completion rather than have overseas companies send their employees to the United States. We also have Subcontracting arrangements with companies in various locations in India for development work and also to facilitate business transactions with companies in US.

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