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Application Developer

Burlingame, California

Duration: 9 months

Candidate must have hands-on experience in cross-platform build environment. Current landscape consists of ClearCase UCM on both Windows and UNIX platforms. Experience with ClearCase is strongly preferred. Build system is automated based on PERL, batch and shell scripts, candidate must be able to maintain, modify, and enhance the build environment. Required skills Advanced PERL knowledge is required. Hands-on experience with Web programming web forms and CGI scripting . Must be familiar with CD burning process and standards ISO, RockRidge . ANT knowledge and experience in build automation with ANT is a plus. Ideal candidate must have understanding of the software release life cycle and be an excellent team player. Strong ClearCase UCM knowledge is a plus. Daily tasks include but not limited to Maintain and support automated build environment Identify build errors and communicate issues to development team Maintain internal build web page Reading the build logs Keep the build machines up-to-date with security standards.

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