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Systems Programmer

Houston, Texas

Duration: 6 months

The mainframe environment consist of a IBM 2066A running os 2.10 with an STK powerhorn library and a VTS virtual tape system . Skills needed - a MVS XA ESA OS390 or z OS, IMS CICS Systems programmer - 10 years Need to have experience working with these products - not necessarily the particular versions Cobol and PL1 IBM Tivoli Netview for Z OS TMON MVS Rel 3.1 TNG framework CA90 Rel 3.0 SP00 LISTCAT PLUS Rel 7.1 DATACOM AD Rel 10.0 DISPATCH Rel 6.0 DYNAM TLMS Rel 5.5 SP02 FAVER Rel 4.3 SP01 JARS MVS SMF Rel 1.6 0302 LIBRARIAN Rel 4.3 309 ROSCOE Rel 6.0 0306 SCHEDULER Rel 9.0 0304 SYSVIEW Rel 7.7 0307 TOP SECRET Rel 5.3 SP01 PDSMAN Rel 7.4 0310 ABEND-AID MVS Rel 9.4 SYNCSORT Rel 1.1C TPF2B TERASAM Rel 3.2.3 DIF SRS ACC Rel 3.1 NOMAD Rel 7.0 VTAM SWITCH Rel 5.5 HSC Rel 5.1 CICS TS Rel 2.3 TMONCICS Rel 2.2 CICS MESSAGE Rel 5.1 INTERTEST Rel 6.1 0304 SYMDUMP Rel 6.1 0304 ABEND-AID CICS Rel 4.04 IPCP PLUS Rel 4.6A 0303 CICS RAPS Rel 1.1 EXLM - STK products Vault manager - STK products.

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