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We are always hiring. As a primary supplier for fortune 500 companies and for the State of Texas and City of Austin, we are inundated with requisitions that demand various skill sets. Who are we looking for? Primarily UNIX/AIX professionals with 3-5 years of experience, web developers, Q/A testers, and Java developers. Try us, EML Inc. pays the best rates in town.

Health Benefits

EML is pleased to offer a wide range of health benefits to its full-time (minimum 32 hours per week) employees. We are proud to offer both an HMO and a PPO plan. EML will pay 1/2 of the employee's health insurance. EML also pays the full cost for 20k of life insurance. Other benefits offered, at an employee's cost, include: vision, dental, long term disability, short term disability, and supplemental life insurance. Our benefits carrier, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas, offers a large selection of physicians and facilities, and is very user-friendly to its customers. Please see the BCBS.com website for further details on the extent of coverage. The exact cost structure of the current plan is provided here

401K Plan

EML Inc. is also pleased to offer a 401k plan, which is administered by ADP. All benefits are strictly voluntary, and there is currently no employer matching contribution plan. All 401k contributions are automatically deducted from payroll, which is also administered through ADP. The amount of employee contribution is flexible. For more information on the 401k plan, please peruse ADP�s website at www.mykplan.com or call 1-800-my-k-plan (1-800-695-7526). If you are interested in establishing a 401k account, an application will be provided for you by the office manager and subsequent enrollment paperwork and regular account updates will be forthcoming from ADP.

Other Benefits

Other employee benefits include Employee Referrral Bonus, preference to ex-employees in good standing for placements, employee education allowance, flex-time to name a few. Please contact our Human Resources department for further details.

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